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Senior Pet Care From Our Veterinarian

If you notice that your dog has developed gray hair around his snout, it is a sign that he is getting old. Dogs are considered seniors between the ages of 7 and 8-years old. Cats are considered seniors when they are 10-years-old. When your pet is considered a senior, he will need special care.

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Watch His Behavior

If your pet has become irritable or aggressive, if he is eating less or drinking more, he may have a medical condition that is common in senior dogs. A few common conditions related to age include kidney disease, arthritis, and pet dementia.

Schedule Regular Pet Visits

Senior pets often need to see the vet more frequently than once a year. Your veterinarian will let you know how often they need to see your pet based on his health.

Change His Diet

As pets age, they become less active. This means that your pet will require fewer calories. Too many calories can cause your pet to become overweight or obese which can cause health issues. You should speak to your vet about the changes in his diet that you should make.

Keep Him Active

Although your pet may not want to do the same types of activities that he did when he was young, he will still need to exercise. Since he may not want to be as active as he once was, it is up to you to get him moving.

Check For Signs Of Arthritis

Arthritis is a common condition in senior pets. If your pet has trouble sitting, standing, or climbing the stairs, it should be cause for concern. The same is true if his joints seem stiff. If you suspect that your pet has arthritis, the vet can prescribe anti-inflammatory medications to improve his quality of life.

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When your pet hits the age where he is considered a senior, you should make an appointment with Academy Animal Hospital serving Del Mar, Encinitas, Rancho Santa Fe, Cardiff, and the surrounding areas. Our veterinarian in Solana Beach can give you advice so that you can keep your senior pet happy and healthy.

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