Our Veterinarians

  • Dr.
    John Beccari

    Dr. Beccari's passion for animals developed at an early age.  He grew up in a large family but never owned a dog or cat of his own.  He turned to the wildlife that frequently visited his backyard to see what he could keep.  Feeding and taming toads, tree squirrels, and random tortoises never really worked out.  Eventually, a pair or gerbils, named Rocky and Adrian, made a home in the Beccari household.  Family and friends nearby offered Dr. Beccari the opportunity for additional interaction with pets.  Being greeted every morning on the way to school by a neighbor's Shih-Tzu named Mopsy was a big highlight in Dr. B's day.

    Realizing his passion for science and his to desire to own pets really shaped his future in becoming a veterinarian.  During college breaks, he worked in a small animal emergency hospital fortifying his decision to become a veterinarian.  He graduated from the College of Veterinary Medicine at Cornell University in 1995. 
    During his time at Cornell, he met his wife, Justie.  They married in 1995 and headed west to escape the freezing cold in search of a new home and career.

    They purchased AAH in 1999 and welcomed 2 additional partners in 2007.  He wears many hats around the hospital including handyman and computer guru.  His greatest passion lies in examining pets and getting to the bottom of what ails them.  Ultrasound, dental procedures, intestinal surgeries are just a few of Dr. Beccari's skills.
    Dr. Beccari now has a large family of his own, most members being animals.  He has 2 beautiful daughters, Madeleine and Alexandra and 8 pets collectively (not including the koi fish in their pond at home).  In his time off Dr. B enjoys being with his family, hiking, traveling, camping, and exploring new places.  He is also learning to play the guitar.

  • Dr.
    Justie Reimann

    Dr. Reimann grew up in a very outdoors loving family, always doing things like camping, swimming, boating, and gardening.  They always had cats and other small animals like gerbils and fish.  When one of her fish got sick, Dr. Reimann remembers wanting to do everything she could to fix him.  Even though he didn't make it, she learned to really appreciate the importance of an animal's life.  Becoming a veterinarian was a way of combining her love of animals and desire to have an interesting, successful veterinary career.

    After graduating high school in New York and McGill University in Montreal, Canada, she attended Cornell University Veterinary School, where she graduated in 1994.  She met her husband (Dr. John Beccari) at Cornell and together they decided they were done with freezing cold weather and headed to California in 1995, cats, dog, and bird in tow. After working in other private practices, they bought Academy Animal Hospital in 1999 and have been proud to call it a family owned practice since.

    As an owner and partner at Academy Animal Hospital, Dr. Reimann enjoys putting her people skills to work by talking with pet owners about their pets' health as well as getting to know pet owners on a personal level.  She strives to make visiting the vet a positive experience for both the pet and owner.  Always up for a challenge, she loves the investigative side of veterinary medicine.
    Dr. Reimann and her husband, Dr. Beccari, have 2 daughters, Madeleine and Alexandra, who share in the passion for animals, always wanting more pets.  They share their home with 2 Dachshunds, Rocket and Sebastian; 1 Yorkie-Poo and coyote-attack-survivor, Bella; and 5 cats: Otto, Dixie, Toby, Pierre, and a crazy Bengal named Briar.  Outside of veterinary medicine (does that ever actually happen?) Dr. Reimann and her family love hiking, camping, skiing, traveling, and yoga.

  • Dr.
    Lou Serrano

    Dr. Serrano has had a special interest in animal welfare and the science behind it since he was a teenager.  His first job in a veterinary practice, which wasn’t the great experience he had hoped for. Thankfully, through volunteer work at a humane society and a more positive experience at a different hospital, he realized where his passion laid. After graduating from Veterinary school, Dr. Serrano gained practical experience working at several different hospitals in the L.A. and Orange county areas before moving to San Diego in 1986.

    Growing up in the L.A. area, Dr. Serrano spent a lot of time surfing as a kid.  After high school, he moved to Washington State to pursue his veterinary degree. He earned his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from Washington State University in 1983. Dr. Serrano lives in Carlsbad with his wife, Cathy.  They share their home with their 2 cats, Stella and Porter.  When not seeing pet patients, Dr. Serrano can be found paragliding over San Diego.  He also enjoys playing golf, guitar, and drums.  He and Cathy spend time hiking, biking, and going on road trips together.

  • Dr.
    David Zanders

    Dr. David Zanders (Dr. Z) grew up in the suburbs of Kansas City, Kansas.  He frequently visited his friend’s family farm where he developed a caring connection with dogs, cats, horses, and other farm livestock. He made his decision to become a veterinarian after his personal horse broke her leg and, in spite of veterinary care, had to be euthanized.  It was at that moment that he learned that veterinarians not only care for animals but for the people who are committed to those helpless creatures.

    After only 2 years of undergrad, Dr. Z was lucky enough to get accepted into the veterinary program at Kansas State University, where he received his degree in 1976. Shortly after graduating Dr. Zanders decided to escape the cold and moved to San Diego to begin his career as a small animal veterinarian (he saw and treated large animal for 4 years too!).

    Dr. Zanders is a partner at Academy Animal Hospital.  His true passion lies in providing excellent preventative care for his patients.  He treats all his clients like family (he has been known to call on weekends and holidays) and his patients like one of his own pets.
    Dr. Z shares his home with his wife, Lyn, 1 dog (Eli), 2 cats (Trudy and Stuart), and 15 year old goldfish named Guy.  He has 2 daughters, Sophie who lives in Los Angeles, and Jennifer, a child psychiatrist in San Diego, and a grandson, Eli.  During his spare time Dr Z enjoys playing his banjo and guitar with his band, playing golf, and visiting family.  He served on the board of the Escondido Humane Society for 14 years and was president of the board for 2 years. He was also involved in the Spay/Neuter Program of San Diego for low-income households.

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