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Our Veterinarians

  • Dr.
    John Beccari

    Dr. John Beccari has lived and practiced in North County San Diego since 1995 with his wife and veterinary partner, Dr. Justie Reimann. He met her in his home state of New York at the College of Veterinary Medicine at Cornell University, where he graduated in 1995. Together they have owned Academy Animal Hospital since 1999 and have enjoyed the camaraderie and success of their new partnership, started in 2007, with Drs. Serrano and Zanders. Dr. Beccari can be frequently found spending time outdoors either going to the beach,camping, hiking, or geocaching with his two young daughters, and has recently taken up Tae Kwon Do instruction with them. He enjoys traveling to visit family or just exploring the country, but he also looks forward to relaxed time spent at home in Carlsbad with his many pets, including 4 cats, 3 dogs, and a pond full of koi and other fish.

  • Dr.
    Justie Reimann

    Dr. Justie Reimann has lived and practiced in North County San Diego since 1995 with her husband and veterinary partner, Dr. John Beccari. She travels back several times a year to visit family and friends in and around her home state of New York, where she graduated from the College of Veterinary Medicine at Cornell University in 1994. She met Dr. Beccari during vet school at Cornell, and since 1999 they have owned Academy Animal Hospital and have enjoyed the camaraderie and success of their new partnership, started in 2007, with Drs. Serrano and Zanders. Dr. Reimann loves to spend time outdoors, either traveling to the beaches of the world, camping and hiking in the beautiful National Parks, or skiing at Mammoth and other faraway locations. She is raising two young daughters and spends a large amount of her time helping them with school assignments and after-school activities. She greatly enjoys cooking and gardening, and takes pride in her Carlsbad home that she shares with her many pets, including 4 cats, 3 dogs, and a pond full of koi and other fish.

  • Dr.
    Lou Serrano

    Dr. Serrano received his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from Washington State University in 1983. After completing a post-graduate internship in Los Angeles, Dr. Serrano gained practical experience working at several different hospitals in the L.A. and Orange county areas before moving to San Diego in 1986. Dr. Serrano briefly interrupted his general practice career to promote a veterinary practice management computer system before moving back to full-time private practice.

    Dr. Serrano has completed a course in veterinary acupuncture certified by the International Veterinary Acupuncture Association. IVAS is the leader in veterinary acupuncture education and the largest veterinary acupuncture association in the world. Whether your pet has been recently diagnosed with an illness, or the condition has been long term, acupuncture is a safe and effective means to help your pet maintain a better quality of life. Dr. Serrano will be happy to discuss your pet's specific condition to help determine if acupuncture and other holistic care may be helpful.

    Besides enjoying the ocean and taking time to surf when he can, Dr. Serrano also loves aviation, and has flown ultralights, sailplanes, single engine aircraft, and paragliders. But he counts as his most cherished accomplishment his marriage to Catherine, who is a massage therapist. They both love to bike and walk the coastal area. The heads of the household, however, are Porter and Stella, young adopted cats that

  • Dr.
    David Zanders

    Congratulations to our very own Dr. David Zanders, who received the Humane Hero Award for his outstanding civic and charitable responsibility not only to the Escondido Humane Society but to the animal community at large. Read full article...

    Dr. Zanders received his DVM degree from Kansas State University in 1976. His special interest is canine and feline preventive medicine.

    Dr. Zanders has served on many animal organizational boards and committees. He served on the Escondido Humane Society Board of Directors for 13 years. He was chairman of the Ethics Committee of the San Diego County Veterinary Medical Association and a member of their Public Education Committee. He has served on many other animal organization boards including SNAP (Spay/Neuter Action Project), CPPC (Coalition for Pet Population Control), PROP (People for Responsible Ownership of Pets), and liaison for the SDCVMA to the Department of Animal Control for spay/neuter issues.

    Helen Woodward Animal Center presented Dr. Zanders the Center's Humane Award in 1996 for his crusade against pet euthanasia due to overpopulation. The Escondido Humane Society honored him at their Dinner of Champions in 2001 for helping them in their crisis when their shelter burned down. He is a 36 year member of the AVMA, the CVMA, and the SDCVMA.

    Dr. Zanders lives in Poway with his wife, Lyn, daughter Sophie, 3 dogs and 3 cats. His 'adult daughter,' Jennifer, is a child psychiatrist. He has been a regular guest on the 'Animal Talk with Dr. Dog' radio show. He is an avid golfer and plays guitar and banjo in a small band called 'Too Much Fun.'

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